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Research Center for Quantum Material Science and Engineering

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The Center’s vision for the future

Our main purpose is to promote the comprehensive research on new superconducting materials both in experimental and theoretical research fields, but we consider that it is also important to revisit known materials. Sometimes we notice that for known materials, the results exist only for poly-crystalline samples. We may find new quantum critical phenomena, in particular, unconventional superconductivity, when we synthesize high-quality single-crystal samples. It is an important spirit of condensed matter physics to perform the best experiment on the best sample. We promote our research by keeping this spirit in our mind.

Concerning the theoretical research, we pay our attention not only on new materials and new phenomena, but also on unresolved old problems. For instance, we will try to arrive at the microscopic understanding on the mechanism of superconductivity in uranium compounds which were discovered in 1980’s.

We hope that this center will be recognized as the center of excellence concerning superconductivity in future.