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CcS International Symposium 2021

October.14 2021 Uncategorized


Plenary Talk 3件,Special Lecture 2件,一般発表10件を予定しています. スケジュールはこちらです. 詳細はシンポジウムのWebsiteをご確認ください. 皆様のご参加をお待ちしています.
  • Plenary Talk 1: BCI-based Hit-loop Agent for Human and AI Robot Co-learning with AIoT Application Prof. Chang-Shing Lee (National Univesity of Tainan) 
  • Plenary Talk 2: DeepIPR – Intellectual Property Protection for Deep Learning Model Dr. Chee Seng Chan (University of Malaya) 
  • Plenary Talk 3: Sensing-enhanced Therapy System for Assessing Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Prof. Zhaojie Ju (University of Portsmouth)
  • Special Lecture 1: Growing Memory Network for Lifelong Learning,Wei Hong Chin
  • Special Lecture 2: Combining Reflexes and External Sensory Information in a Neuro-Musculoskeletal Model to Control a Legged Robot Azhar Aulia Saputra