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首都大学東京 Tokyo Metropolitan University

Research Center for Co-creating System of Regional Planning and Management

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The Center’s vision for the future

The Center seeks to achieve community growth and implementation along three main axes, based on research results closely linked to regions and communities. The first involves outreach activities, including consulting and personnel training for national and local governments and regional organizations. Examples of current personnel training include the Regional Revitalization School established in partnership with Tama Shinkin Bank and the Tama Next Farmers’ Program, an effort that also involves the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. We will also strive to expand these efforts to develop more real-world-oriented training programs that nurture personnel for regional co-creation, with a renewed and strengthened focus on tourism and business creation. A consulting service will be created by organizing experts, primarily the graduates of Tokyo Metropolitan University, cooperating closely with university researchers, and by establishing an effective system to venture into target regions based on a broad range of approaches.

The second is the promotion of project-based learning and internships within this Research Center to enable students from the university to forge closer ties to regional organizations and to increase the effectiveness of training.
The third is international cooperation through international technical support activities and the acceptance of exchange students within the framework of this Research Center.

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