Tokyo Metropolitan University Research Center

首都大学東京 Tokyo Metropolitan University

Research Center for Co-creating System of Regional Planning and Management

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Achievements and awards

This Center plans to establish methodologies to objectively clarify issues, optimize solutions to the issues, and apply tailor-made regional practices and models suitable for different times and regions , drawing on new data science techniques and service engineering techniques, in addition to basic scientific methods. Initiatives like this are expected to greatly expand the importance of the Tama region and minor islands in Tokyo ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Generalizing and extending successful solutions to the problems confronting the Tama region will not only serve to revitalize other similar regions in Japan; they will also advance regional sustainability and create revitalization models that can be applied to other countries around the world by deriving elements and conditions shared in common with Tokyo. We hope to raise the Center’s global standing and to achieve acclaim and success by publishing these achievements in influential international scientific journals and by hosting international symposiums that feature innovative researchers from all over the world.