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Academic background

Aiming: To become a leading center for climate research in Asia

Director of Research Center:Professor Jun MATSUMOTO, Dr. Science

Director of Research Center:
Professor Jun MATSUMOTO, Dr. Science
Department of Geography,
Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences

At this University, we have been playing a core role in the promotion of the Monsoon Asia Hydro-Atmosphere Scientific Research and Prediction Initiative (MAHASRI), an international joint research project under the Global Energy and Water Cycle Exchanges Project (GEWEX), the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) since 2006. We have also carried out various urban climate studies including collaborative research with the Tokyo Metropolitan Research Institute for Environmental Protection. In addition, we organized a number of sessions at the International Geographical Union (IGU) Kyoto Regional Conference held in 2013, and MAHASRI related sessions at the AOGS (Asia Oceania Geosciences Society) meetings held every year. We have built strong research collaborations with various institutions both in Japan and overseas.

With global warming, predicting the occurrence of extreme weather events, such as heavy rainfall and extremely hot day, that cause severe social and human damages in the future is an urgent research issue in Japan, which is located in the Asian monsoon region. In particular, we need to elucidate the formation mechanisms of urban climate affected both by global warming and local urban effects, and to explore measures to properly predict the occurrence of extreme weather events in order to minimize damage. Furthermore, investigating the relationship between local urban climate and large-scale Asian monsoon system is also an important research theme.