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Asian monsoon variability during the past 120 years
(FY2014-2018 Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(S))

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Research Outline

Research Methods

Most of the South and Southeast Asian countries became independent after World War II. Of these countries, we are planning to digitise the daily rainfall data of present-day Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Pakistan listed in “Rainfall of India” and “Daily Rainfall of India”. We also plan to digitise data in China listed in the “Zi-Ka-Wei” and other data books published by Japan and data of the Spanish and American Philippines. Utilising these data, we will analyse long-term changes in rainfall intensity, onset and withdrawal dates of the rainy season, rainfall and its regional characteristics through the past 120 years. We will further discuss the causes and linkages with global warming of these variations by utilising various meteorological data, including typhoon track data.

Expected Research Achievements and Scientific Significance

In climate change research, past observation data are the most important first order material. Thus, we should be able to reveal long-term Asian monsoon activities by analysing the newly available data. Changes in the monsoon strongly affect Asian society, a society in which most people have primarily agricultural livelihoods. Our results will provide basic information useful for the prevention of flood disasters, water resource management, and minimising the effects of climate change on agriculture.