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Child and Adolescent Poverty Overview

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WP1  Development of Child Deprivation Index for Japan

Aya ABE 2018_wp01 <5/2018>

WP2 Developing Child Deprivation Index for Japan Taking into Account of Aadaptive Preferences

Aya ABE 2018_wp02 <4/2018>

⇒To access the article, click here Journal of “Child Indicators Research” 12, pp.647-665.

WP3  Difficulties in the Lives of Mother-headed Household: A Focus on the Diffierence between Two-and Three-generation Families

Aya ABE   <5/2018>

⇒To access the article,  “Journal of Poverty”  Vol.20 May 2018, pp.39-49. 

WP4  Understanding Why Mothers Abuse their Children: The Case of Japan

Yanfei ZHOU 2018 wp04 <7/2018>

⇒ To access the article,  clich here “Journal of Health Care and Society”  Vol. 29 (2019), No. 1 pp. 119-134).

WP5  The Impacts of House Rent on Children’s Well-being

Hanako ODAGAWA   <3/2020>

⇒To access the article, “Social Policy and Labor Studies” Vol.11, No.3 March 2020, pp.139-150.

WP6  The Association between A Grandparental Poverty and Grandchildren’s Health

Aya ABE    <1/2020>

⇒To access the article, “JAPANESE JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH”.

WP7  The Effect of Programs to Reduce Health Care Cost for Children on Parental Behavior 

Aya ABE       <2/2020>

⇒This paper will be published in a journal.

WP8  Child Poverty and Its Engendered Effects on the Educational Expectations of Japanese High School Students:

Ryo KAWAGUCHI 2020_wp08   <3/2020>

WP9  What are Single Mothers Worried about? Analysis of Free Answers

Azusa MISAWA,  Aya ABE     2020 wp09          <3/2020>

WP10  Child Poverty and Depression: Analysis using DSRS-C

Aya ABE   <4/2020>

⇒This paper will be published in a journal.

WP11 Construction of Food Insecurity Index Using Japanese High School Student Survey Data

Chengchen TANG・Takayuki KONDO・Tsukasa OYAMA・Kazuki KURIHARA・Hironao TAKIZAWA・Soohyon JANG・Katsuhito KAJIWARA・Aya ABE  2020_wp11                                           <6/2020>

WP12 The Relationship between Absenteeism in Elementary and Junior High School and  Absenteeism and Dropout in High School

Katsuhito KAJIWARA  2020_wp12       <7/2020>

WP13 Highschool Dropout and the Subsequent Career Options

Ryo KAWAGUCHI  2020_wp13              <7/2020>

WP14 Who Uses Free Study Support: Analysis of Junior High Students in Five Prefectures in Japan

Aya ABE ・Satoshi MATSUMURA  2020 wp14         <9/2020>

⇒To access the article, click here  “JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SECURITY RESEARCH” Vol.5 No.3(2020), PP.287-300.

WP15 An Empirical Study of how poverty influences School Absenteeism: Based on the School Absenteeism Model

Katsuhito KAJIWARA           <11/2020>

⇒This paper will be published in a journal.

WP16 Poverty as a factor of being Bullied: Focusing on lack of child’s property to fit in with friends

Katsuhito KAJIWARA           <11/2020>

⇒This paper will be published in a journal.

WP17 Child Poverty among Immigrant Children in the Capital Area

Naoko Yamamoto          <3/2021>

WP18 An Empirical Analysis of Food Insecurity among High School Students in Japan: Using Population-based Survey of Children in Tokyo
Katsuhito KAJIWARA, Tsukasa OYAMA, Takayuki KONDO, Hironao TAKIZAWA, Chengchen TANG, Soohyon JANG, Aya ABE           <3/2021>

⇒This paper will be published in a journal.