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Child and Adolescent Poverty Overview

Achievements and awards

Professor Aya Abe:
・specializes in poverty, social security, social policy empirical analysis on the impact of poverty Professor Abe has written many books including “Child Poverty in Japan: Equal Opportunity” (Iwanami Shoten, 2008) and “Child Poverty II: Solutions” (Iwanami Shoten, 2014). Professor Abe won the 51st Nikkei Economic Book Culture Award with “An Economic Analysis of Welfare” (University of Tokyo Press, 2008).
・Professor Abe serves on the Special Committee for Welfare Standards of the Social Security Council, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (2011 – )
Professor Akio Inui:
・specializes in quantitative and qualitative research on secondary education and young people’s transitions from school to work, support policies and practical research, etc. Professor Inui’s books include “When Young People Start to Work – Jobs, Friends and Society –“ (Nihon Tosho Center, 2012) and “5 Years after High School Graduation, How Will I Live in the Future – What Is a Young Person’s Current Situation (Becoming an Adult)” (Otsuki Shoten, 2013). Professor Inui has also served as a member of the Cabinet Office’s Planning Analysis Committee for the “Survey of Awareness of High School Pupils who Leave School Early” (2010 – 2012), etc.
Professor Taku Okabe:
・specializes in research on social security / social welfare theory related to poverty and low income problems, policies and practical research. Professor Okabe’s books include “Public Assistance Theory” (Japan National Council of Social Welfare, 1998 – published each fiscal year), etc. Professor Okabe has also served as a member of the Standards Committee of the Social Security Council, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (2013 – present), as a member of the Welfare Expert Committee of the Central Social Welfare Council and as a member of the Welfare Committee of the Social Security Council, etc.
Professor Kiyoto Tanno:
・specializes in labor and social studies, international labor migration and ethnicity. Professor Tanno’s books include “Considering the Borders of Nationality – People Who Partition Japanese, People of Japanese Descent and Foreigners Living in Japan, and Social Barriers” (Yoshida Publishing, 2013), and “Cross-Border Employment Systems and Foreign Workers” (Tokyo University Press, 2007), etc.