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Child and Adolescent Poverty Overview

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About the center

Research Center for Child and Adolescent Poverty has been launched to deal with poverty among children and adolescents in Japan, both academically and systematically. With this university’s Faculty of Urban Liberal Arts, School of Humanities and Social Sciences as a center, researchers from various academic fields such as Social Welfare, Education, Sociology, and Psychology have joined altogether to carry out interdisciplinary research on child and adolescent poverty. Furthermore, by coordinating with other domestic and foreign universities as well as international research institutions, this center is expected to become a core base for the promotion of child and adolescent poverty research in Japan in the future.


Another purpose of the center is to provide feedback to local governments about the results of our research on child and adolescent poverty. The “Child Poverty Policy Promotion Law”, established in 2013, requires the central government and municipalities to enact child poverty countermeasures, and at the same time, this low mentions the necessity of examining the state of poverty among children. This center develops the knowledge discovered through our research into training programs and texts, and spreads them as widely as possible to local governments.